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Camps will be held for boys and girls ages 9-18 years old. 

Camps will run 3-5 full days from 9am – 4pm.  D-UP will offer various types of camps such as parent-child camps and Holiday Camps. 

D-UP CAMP Descriptions



(Boys & girls ages 8-18) 

With the universal term “DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS,” this WHOLE camp will be 100%dedicated to Defense.   You will learn the MENTAL and PHYSICAL preparation and skills needed to slow down or completely shut down and MENTALLY FRUSTRATE your opponent.  With this camp this is an opportunity to show your MENTAL STRENGTH and most importantly your HEART.  Point of emphasis: defensive stance, full-court pressure man to man defense, denial defense, charges, foot work, defensive positioning, on ball and help positioning, steals, boxing out, diving for loose balls, zone defense, traps, half-court defense, key phrases, swim technique, fronting, shot blocking, 5 second call, ball possession awareness, cutting off, and most importantly COMMUNICATION.  



(Boys and girls entering 10th through 12th grade) 

The purpose of this camp is to introduce the elite high school basketball players to a Division I college atmosphere.  This camp is designed for elite players and prospective student-athletes who wish to become college players.  Camp will emphasize position development and team play as well as seminars on: NUTRITION, ACADEMICS, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING AND NCAA REQUIREMNTS.  Plus you will receive a photo and autograph with James Christian and Staff.  



(Boys & girls ages 6-18) 

Teams MUST have a minimum of 7 players, maximum of 12 and it is open to all high school teams.  It will be a premiere team camp and will provide any opportunity for campers to improve their skills while playing in organized games against great competition.  The format for this camp will include round-robin games (pool play) and tournament play.  Teams will be categorized into competitive divisions with each team GUARANTEED a minimum of 7 games.  Plus you will receive photo and autograph opportunities with James Christian and staff. 



(Boys & girls ages 6-18) 

The purpose of this camp is to teach and develop basketball skills.  Camps will emphasize individual skill development and organized team play.  Daily instructions and stations will emphasize fundamentals in basketball and overall player development.  Campers will compete on teams in order to apply their skills development to a team concept.  Plus you will receive a photo and autograph opportunities with James Christian and Staff.  


D-UP BASKETBALL will be working on developing basketball skills and building strong bonds between parent(s) and child.  Together WE will be making lifelong memories with your children.  D-UP BASKETBALL offers a unique parent & child bonding experience that only D-UP BASKETBALL can provide.  Parent and child participants will be treated to personal instructions from James Christian along with current and former PRO basketball players and staff through detailed skills work and competition.  Parent and child teams will compete with fellow campers of appropriate age groups (based on child’s age/grade level) in competitions that incorporate skills learned throughout camp.  The skill work is designed to give both parent and child drills and techniques to take home and continue working on together.  Parents will interact with their children to assist in the improvement of Basketball basics- dribbling, passing, & shooting.  Don’t forget – half of the game of basketball is played on the DEFENSIVE end.  You will learn drills to improve rebounding, defensive positioning, on ball and help position.  We will outline key phrases and teaching points for all skills taught.  Plus you will receive photo and autograph opportunities with James Christian and Staff.  



Sample of Camp Schedule

9:00 AM     Roll call with campers

9:30 AM     Morning Stations

10:45 AM   Games


1:00 PM     Roll Call

1:15 PM     3 ON 3 / Video

2:00 PM.    Afternoon Stations

3:00 PM     Games

4:00 PM     Dismissal

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